June 2011 debate at the Sydney Opera House, with Ghassan Hage and others

June 2011 panel discussion at the Melbourne Festival of Ideas

May 2011 discussion on Inside Story, on al Jazeera (English) on President Obama’s Cairo II speech and the question of Palestine

April 2011 interview on Democracy Now on future steps in the Palestinian struggle

April 2011 interview on al-Jazeera (English) on the reconciliation between Fateh and Hamas

November 2009 Interview with Amy Goodman on Democracy Now.

Video from ABC (Australia) of lecture in the Sydney Ideas series, University of Sydney, on the project to construct a “Museum of Tolerance” on the most important Muslim cemetery in Jerusalem, September 2009.

November 2009 interview on al-Jazeera (English) on the two- and one-state solution in Palestine

September 2009 Interview with World Today on ABC Radio (Australia)

September 2009 Interview with Philip Adams, Late Night Live on Radio National (Australia)

April 2009 video of lecture presented at the Symposium on Palestine and the Palestinians Today, Georgetown University

May 2009 debate on Democracy Now (with Amy Goodman, Norman Finkelstein and Benny Morris)

May 2009 debate on Democracy Now (video)

February 2009 podcast of talk at UCLA’s Center for Near Eastern Studies on Israel’s post-Christmas 2008 bombardment of Gaza

May 2008 video of talk at Palestine Center, Washington, DC, aired on C-SPAN

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